Athens’ Age of Glory

Suppose you live in ancient Athens.  Write a paragraph about why you think women should or should not participate fully in Athenian democracy.


5 thoughts on “Athens’ Age of Glory

  1. Athenian democracy is where men vote on legislation and executive bills. I think women should be able to vote like in america. Women should have equal rights. Women might be more creative at making laws, and mabye make a law everyone agrees on and likes. I know lots of uncreative men who will probaly make uncreative laws. Executive bills mean bills that carry out the law. Women should also be able to vote on these because there might not be enough men to choose. Women can decide for that matter.
    maason’s email is


  2.       I think WOMEN or GIRLs can participate fully in Athenian democracy. The reason I think this is right is because all people should have equal rights. Like Mrs. Wick is better at art than mr.Wick, the women or girls can be better at it. And people might like it better. And also, all people had the right to make decisions.


  3. I think the female can perticpate because there is no rule from God that the female can’t perticpate , and the female can be educated. God made people the same their is no people better than the other.  The mens does not have any equal right to say women can’t perticpate.
    Womens have ideas to SHARE!!!! 


  4. Sang Min
    I think woman need to participate in Athenian Democracy because the basic idea of Democracy is- all people are equal. And if only males vote, most of males will vote for only their profits. So, I think women have right to vote for their profits


  5.          I beleive that no matter how tough or rough the discussion could get that the Athenians had no right to not include women in th votes. God made everyone equally Man,Woman,or Child.
    I believe that if the women believe that they shouldbe allowed to vote ,have no handicap. In fact the women might have thought of something that the men had not thought of. The women would also know what the villagers leve like and what others think of the goverment.


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