Alexander the Great

Over the centuries, historians have often had different opinions of Alexander the Great, some good and some not.  What are some of the different viewpoints?  What is your viewpoint?  What makes a historical figure truly “great?”

Mosaic of Alexander the Great

2 thoughts on “Alexander the Great

  1. I think he call by great because he conquered a lot of land and built a huge and great empire. But, he killed a lot of people to conquer other’s terrytory and he was homosexual. He did quite a lot of wrong things. But, I think he is a still a good king because, he is the first persom\n who connected Orient Country and Oxident Countrty.


  2. Taek Jin
         Alexader was a king, who made a huge empire. He spread out the Greek culture all over the world, at that time Europe to Turkey was world. Maybe he killed a lot of people in his route, but still he was a great ruler. Because he was a king of just tiny country and he dominated the whole Europe, part of Africa and Asia. Also, he changed the history of the Europe. He made all Europeans to follow Greek culture. Putting the Greek culture in the whole Europe was big change. Because in the Orient countries didn’t think about the natural actions. For example, Greek people and Babylonian saw a lighting and thunderstorm. Babylonian said, "Oh no, the cloud god is angry.Sacifice some animals to Thunder god." But Greek would say "why?". Alexander Great spread this Philosophy to the whole Europe, that’s why he is a great king and great ruler.


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