Beginnings of Christianity

Explore the beginnings of the Christian Church.  How would you classify (1) the advantages the Christians had in spreading their new religion and (2) the obstacles they faced?


2 thoughts on “Beginnings of Christianity

  1. Maason Says: The Christians had advantages. One of them is Constantine had decided to make Constantinople a christian city. The christians also had disadvantages. One of them is that after Constantine died, Thtey were prosecuted greatly. 11 of the deciples were prosectuted. 10 were killed as martyrs.


  2. Here is SangMin. I think it spread out because after Jesus died for our sins, and when he told about Chritianity, a lot of Roman civils like basic thinks of Chritianity so it was advantage. The obstackes of Chritianity was the noble peoples, who were really powerful, disagreed with Christian’s teaching.


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