Ancient Arabia

Tomorrow we begin a new unit on Ancient Arabia.  This unit will include a number of fun cooperating learning activities such as Roundtable, Think-Pair-Share, and Telephone.  Telephone is a group activity that I introduced last year that was a favorite amongst the current seventh-grade crew.  I am confident that you’ll like learning about the geography of Arabia as we “telephone” the information to our teammates.  Another major topic of discussion will be on Islam.  We will compare and contrast this religion with other popular beliefs we have studied this year.  Next week we will conclude Chapter 10 with a focus on the achievements of the Muslim caliphate and a game of Weakest Link.  The last time we played Weakest Link we crowned new champs in both sixth grade classes – The Soccer Stars and Alien Links.  Next week will these teams be able to call themselves two-time champs?  Will Just and the Archaeologists regain the Weakest Link Championship?  Will we crown new champs?  Only time will tell.  Tally-ho!

Ancient Arabia

2 thoughts on “Ancient Arabia

  1. I am Jonathan, tomorrow can you remind me to take my text book so I can do the bonus question? If possible, after school would be the best time to remind me.


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