Muslim Cartographers

Read pages 278-279 in your World textbook.  Picture yourself as an 18th-century sailor on a long sea voyage.  Write a letter home in which you explain how the use of maps has made your ship more likely to reach its destination safely.


4 thoughts on “Muslim Cartographers

  1. I am Jonathan.Dear Wife and Family,     I am doing well. We are almost to our destination. we use our maps to helps us get there. We use a rope to see how fast we are going. we drop it in the water and how ever many knots go through our hand in a minute that is how fast we are going. We used the sun and the moon and the planets to guyed us sometimes. The sun rises in the east and ends in the west. so we can know what way we are going by the sun. We also used the sextant. It has a minor telespope, a whole horizon mirror, and an index mirror.


  2. Dear MAASON,
    We have traveled on this peice of junk the captain calls a boat… Almost out of food… This might be the last message that leaves the ship. The first mate has devised a wise plan to see our speed. Dropping a rope end into the water, we make a loop with our hands around the rope. The number of knots that pass in a minute glass is the speed of knots. The captain brought a dinky peice of paper he calls a map… He claims it will help us get there. It is gridded, and it shows where everything is, and yeah. there is another map for currents… To be invented. I told the captain the direction of the sun, so that will help us reach you. Luckily there is a smart passenger who brought a sextant, which is a small telescope and 2 mirrors combined. Horizon, which goes like this.——_______——-sideways. and index, which goes like this. | Up and down.
                                                                                              Your good mate, Francis


  3. Dear Joseph,
               This is Captain Muhaha sending a message to you through a pidgeon. We are setting out tomorrow. I have a map of the Arabian Peninsula that will help me to sail aroud to the other side of the peninsula and trade there. You know that we have to bring a sextant (a device which has a telescope and 2 mirrors) in case that a typoon pulls up and strikes our merchant ship. We have tonnes of gold. We might give you a share if you bring some rope. We marooned the ship and we have no ropes left to knot the rope and drop it in the water to see how fast we are going. Please come!
               From, Captain Muhaha, in the ship Mahaha


  4. This is Tina…
    Dear family,
     I think I will arrive home tomorrow afternoon. I was lost in the sea ,but I had the map and the astrolabe so I soon found the way. We used the astrolabe to estimate the position that I was at. It was a good thing that the map was accurate. We had nothing to eat ,but we arrived in a villiage and because the map showed the climate, we got ready for our clothes. Thats how I don’t have to starve. I miss you family.
                    From Tina (The sailor)


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