The Second Semester

I will be missing the first week of school in January due to the fact that I will be on another continent.  Not only will I be missing the first week of school, but you won’t find me in the classroom quite as much in the third quarter since Miss Annable will be taking over my history duties for several weeks.  Who’s that you ask?  Miss Annable is a senior at Cedarville University, and she will also be teaching Miss Sardeson’s 8th grade English class.  I look forward to her time here at TIS, and I think you will benefit a great deal from her instruction.

student teacher

Christmas Break

Megan, Grace, and I will be landing in Indiana next Saturday, and we will be on Midwestern soil for approximately three weeks.  We’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t had time to think of the trip a whole lot, but we really do look forward to spending time with our family and friends during this special time.  We haven’t been in the States since the summer of 2005 when we saw Tony Stewart win the Allstate 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  This will also be our first time as a married couple to spend Christmas in the land of Hoosiers, and with the exception of my mother-in-law, the first time for our family to meet Grace Noel.  During our stay with our parents, we will be taking care of paperwork that will enable Grace to become an American citizen.  Your thoughts would be appreciated as we embark on a new step in this journey we call life.

Time for a family portrait.

The End of the 2nd Quarter

There are only eight days of school left this quarter, and that means you can turn in the 100 Point Bbbbonus.  There are nine history assignments you need to put in order to earn 100/100.  You can earn the 100 Point Bbbbonus in both of my classes by turning in the 15 Book assignments as well.  Joseph, Minnie, Sangmin, Stefen, and Veronica have earned the Bbbbonus for the first time this year.  Will you be joining them?  A special congratulation goes out to Christina, Soo Yeon, Sophia and Tina for earning the Bbbbonus both nine weeks.  You go girls!


Ancient America

This Moonday we will begin Chapter 11:  Ancient America (pages 284-307).  On Moonday we will learn about the geography of Mexico and the neighboring Central American countries.  Our next lesson will focus on the “people of the rubber country,” the Olmecs (1200-400 B.C.).  You will receive an assignment concerning these polytheistic people.  We will complete the chapter filling out a chart of the Maya civilization and watching a video about this complex civilization (A.D. 250-900).  Did you know that the Maya played a ball game called pokta-pok where the losers were sometimes killed as a sacrifice to Maya gods?  Oh yeah, it’s true, it’s true.



What is GRACE all about?  Am I talking about Ephesians 2:8,9 here?  Nope, although you will be tested on the verse and seven other verses on DECEMBER 15th.  Could this be another funny story about my daughter?  Denied.  GRACE stands for Greece, Rome, Arabia, and China.  What about the E?  That stands for Exam.  Aren’t you excited?  If you are part of the “White” class, Thursday is the big day – Chapter 7-10 test.  The “Blue” class will have the privilege of taking the exam on Flyday.  Be sure to exercise those forearms.  Baby, baby!