Touring Copan

Suppose that you have been called on to direct a tour of Copan.  Write an itinerary identifying and describing the sites the tour will visit.  Pages 298-303 in your World textbook will give you a start.


4 thoughts on “Touring Copan

  1.   In the Copan you will visit the ball court. This place is where the people play a ball game called pokta pok. This game is very rough. Copan is full of bluidings you can see. Some of the bluidings are still standing. In Copan there is also places that are good for agriculture. There are also temples of the gods they worship. In the city you can find tall stones carved with picutres and glyphs. These stones are called stelae.


  2. This is Tina
      The Copan’s one of the impressive sturucture is the ball court. Here, the Mayan ball game called poka-pok was played. Who lost the game was sometimes killed as a sacrifice to Maya gods. The other buildings were temple-pyramids and palaces. The buildings were made of stones. The people carried the stones. In Copan, there are carved stone figures of their leaders and gods. There are also glyphs(writings of Maya)carved into the stelae(stones that are flat and tall) too. Maya leaders had them.


  3. This is Joseph.
                Hello there. I am your guide for this exquisite site of the old city of Copan, which was made in the Mayan Times. See that big and huge and massive structure? That is the ball court, where 2 teams of people played poka-pok. Poka-pok was all about trying to stay alive. The teams tried to score a rubber ball in the round ring on the wall. The person with the most scoring wins. The other team? Well, bad for them. They get to be sacrificed for the Mayan gods. Yes. Like the movie El Dorado. Except that this is in the North America, not the South America.
                As you can see, there is these tall structures which looks like pyramids served as temples and palaces. That team I talked about must have been sacrificed in here. I shudder every time I see that.
                You see those huge stone tablets there? Those hold the recordings of the scripts of the king’s (Mayan leader’s) deeds. They are called stelae. They must hold some nasty things in there. It must record how they sacrificed the people who lost the game.
                This was your guide Joseph. Bye!


  4. This tour tour will cost you billions of dollars, so make sure you want to take it. It will be guided by the famous Maason! Yes? Well ok. But you still have to pay me Billions of dollars. Copan is a really nice place to be. Did i say that? Sorry. Copan is not a nice place to be. Do you see that really huge structure? Whatever you do? Dont go there. Thats where they play Poka-Pok. There are 1 ring. One objective. 2 teams. Thats out of place, but who cares. The one objective is to get the ball through the hoop. Then you score a point. More points, more chance of winning. DONT LOSE! well actually, losing is good. Then you die, and i get all your money! HAhaha! You will be sacraficed to the gods. I think thats weird. The losing team is worse than the winning team, so dont you sacrafice the better team, the winners?… Thats the temple. Go there. Then you will get sacraficed to the gods and i will get all your money! HAHaha! If you lost in Poka-Pok, thats were you die. :O Those stone tablets you see Yes, they arent the every day archives. They tell about all the kings deeds. Although you see more perfect ones than any other… Thats how the steale works. Also how the losing team were sacraficed. They were good authors in a bad way. Now wheres my billion dollars? Ah forget it. How bout a tour of the Aztecs? It will cost you a billion dollars…


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