The Second Semester

I will be missing the first week of school in January due to the fact that I will be on another continent.  Not only will I be missing the first week of school, but you won’t find me in the classroom quite as much in the third quarter since Miss Annable will be taking over my history duties for several weeks.  Who’s that you ask?  Miss Annable is a senior at Cedarville University, and she will also be teaching Miss Sardeson’s 8th grade English class.  I look forward to her time here at TIS, and I think you will benefit a great deal from her instruction.

student teacher

4 thoughts on “The Second Semester

  1. :):(. :O! :wub: not. Haha. Just learning. :-O :S =). :K.  I bet hallf of these wont sho up. Haha. I hope we wil have a lot less home work…

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you guys! Happy Holidays and I’ll see you soon.

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