Who is the King of Wrestling?

Most know that soccer is my numero uno sport, but another sport I enjoy a great deal is wrestling.  I coached wrestling at the middle school level for several years back when I lived in the land of Hoosiers.  Wrestling also happens to be a favorite activity of mine when horsin’ around with my daughters.  Too young for a four-year-old and a one-year-old you say?  Watch ’em on the mat, and you would disagree.  My one year old hits her head on concrete walls and laughs.  Wrestling is an intense caloric burner that makes my girls tougher while they laugh their heads off.  Last night while I was challenging Grace to a little one one one, I asked her in a trash talkin’ sort of way, “Who is the king of wrestling?”  Without missing a beat, Rose chimes in, “Jesus”.  At that point, I was at a loss for words and knew I couldn’t convince my girls into believing that I was the best grappler in the world.  It’s awesome that my four-year-old knows who the true King of Kings is.


Winter Update

I’m currently in the second week of a two-week break called Chun Jie (Spring Festival).  I have been spending lots of time with the fam and getting several projects done around the home.  The last three years during Chun Jie Megan and I have visited several countries in tropical Southeast Asia.  Now that we have two young girls part of the Wickersham clan though, we decided to stay in Tianjin for our vacation.  Last week for Valentine’s Day Megan and I had our first date since Rose joined the crew in mid-December.  We hunkered down at an Indian eatery called Alibaba’s.  We had a very nice lunch in a calm and quiet atmosphere which was a pleasant change.  Being the smooth guy I am, I also presented Megan with her favorite chocolate bar – Almond Joy.  This is an uncommon and pricey find in our neck of the woods.  As far as Megan’s Valentine’s gift to me, she made me a kick-butt breakfast of French Toast and an omelet loaded to the max.  She also cooked up some tasty buffalo wings as an after dinner snackarama.  Later in the week, we had a fellow Hoosier visit us after returning from a conference in Thailand.  Jenn stayed with us for a couple of days before visiting other TJ friends.  Major highlights of  our vacation time has also included going down the slides at the indoor TIS playground, watching Curious George at daddy’s work, bike rides to HomeWay and HomeWorld (kind of like a Super Wal-Mart), our very first dance classes designed for little ladies, putting up coat racks and pictures in our daughters’ rooms, hanging out with people less than four feet tall, candy deliveries to our mini friends, starting movies when the girls have gone down, but not having the energy to watch them entirely, a successful six month follow-up visit for Grace, finding some decent time to read for personal enrichment and enjoyment, reading lots of children’s books, and seeing cool and crazy creatures at the Tianjin Museum of Natural History.  Although Megan and I aren’t trekking exotic locations in faraway lands, we wouldn’t trade our lives for the world.  Things are a little busier and a little tougher now that we are four, but it’s a thrilling adventure!

Tianjin Museum of Natural History