Future Plans

Last week Megan and I signed a work contract to stay here three more years which will keep us in Tianjin until at least June of 2010.  This is my fourth year in China (all in TJ), but Megan has now resided here for almost ten years (95-97 in Nanchang, 99-03 in Changchun, 03-04 year in Beijing and 04-today in Tianjin).  Had you asked me back in 2003 how long I thought I’d be in China, I wouldn’t have told you for at least seven years.  Starting this fall I will be teaching part-time and studying part-time.  I will continue to teach my Book classes, but I will no longer teach world history.  I will also increase my language studies in addition to enrolling in some Book classes.  After one year of being a part-time teacher and part-time student, I will return to my duties as a sixth grade Book and world history teacher.  I am excited about the opportunity to study more and look forward to what our Father will be teaching me.


2 thoughts on “Future Plans

  1. Wow, u guys decide to stay in china for another 3 years? awesome, i’m sure all your students and friend will love it. Hey, Mark, I just realized that your family grows to four now? Enjoy. say hi  to everybody.
    at Kent


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