The Aztec and Inca Empires

Compare the Inca empire with the Aztec empire.  How were they similar?  How were they different?  Which civilization do you think was greater?  Why?  Answers are due April 2nd.


9 thoughts on “The Aztec and Inca Empires

  1. similarity: They both killed people for sacrifices
    Different: The inca empire was in South america  and the Aztec was in North America
    I think the Aztec empire was greater because the inca mainly focused in agriculture but the aztec made many useful inventions such as the codex


  2. Similarities are they both located at America ( of course) they also had very developed civilization and they both have robbed their country by Europeans ecspecially Spanish. Aztecs were located at centural america, whrere is very hot but, Inca settled at Andes mountain, where is cool and highlands are.  


  3. -tina-
    The similarities are…
    1) believe in idols.
    2)made things with feather.
    3)made farmlands
    The differences are…
    1)they lived in different areas
    2)Inca used quipus for recording things and Aztec used codex.
    I think the Inca Empire is greater. It is because they built the stone building which a knife couldn’t go though.


  4. The Aztecs were definetly the stronger tribe, but i would rather stay with the Incas. I think that the Aztecs is more blood thirsty. If the Aztecs wanted to attack the Incas, they would probaly win with their weapons. The Aztecs would Sacrifce may humans to their gods. The Incas were good runners, they could transport messages and fish from long distances. They could run over hills and mountains. They were adapted to the high climate. The Aztecs made huge chinapas, which were man-made Islands that could float around. They were used for farming by the Aztecs. The similarites that they both believed in many gods. They also were both older than most civilizations, and left many ruins behind for us to find.


  5. I think the Inca was greater, because they had a vast empire, and also had tight information runner systems that helped them carry messages to their capital or places beyond their empire. They ran. If the Incan imformation runner came to a marathon, no doubt they will get a gold medal. The Aztecs did not spread their empire wide. The similarities of them were: they worshipped the sun, made ornaments out of gold, silver, and feathers, and also, they sacrificed human for their "gods". The differences were: Inca were living in the Andes Mountains, while the Aztec were living in the Valley of Mexico. Inca had a vast empire, while Aztecs didn’t. Inca used quipus. Aztecs used codex.


  6. One difference between the Aztec and the Inca empire was the Inca people had to run to spread messages, but the Aztec people didn’t run to give messages, because they couldn’t run a long way. One similarity between the two empires is they were both strong empires and was violent. They killed a lot of people to conquer land. They also had built temples in their empire. I think the Inca empire is greater, because the Aztecs were deafeated by the Spanish because a strange reason. They thought that the man in armor was a god so they let him in. Then later they got slaughtered. The Inca empire was strong but they eventually fell. The Inca empire also made buildings with bricks that was carved so well that they could match them perfeclty. I think that was is a great skill. That is why i think the Inca empire is better.


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