What’s Happening in April

April 14th:            Middle School Basketball Tournament – Who can pat the rock?  Are you the Windex man?  Not shootin’ hoops?  Come support your Eagles.

April 16th-18th:  Achievement Tests – Yeah!!!

April 21st:            Middle School Drama – Enjoy Saturday being entertained by your classmates.

April 23rd-27th:  House Soccer Tournament – Will the black and white of House #4 defend their championship or will the TGI Piggies, U Can’t Touch This, or the Chewy Mushrooms be crowned best on the pitch?

April 27th:            Mid-Quarters – Already?!?

April 30th:            No School – I know you would rather be in my classroom, but you’ll need to refrain from coming to school.


2 thoughts on “What’s Happening in April

     THis is the first time I write in your blog in 7th grade.
     I miss havung Bible with Mr. Wick and history too.
     Wekestlink and Jeopardy ( I think the spelling is right)
     I really want to be in Mr. wick’s Bible class.
     I wish there was a day that Mr. Prescott and Mr. wick change class just for a day.
     I really wish
     I got to go.

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