Writing About Perspectives

Write about the different perspectives Native Americans and Europeans had toward each other in the 1500s. What do you think each thought of the other one? What do you think they might have found strange? What do you think they might have found appealing?


3 thoughts on “Writing About Perspectives

  1.        I believe that the Aztecs thought the Spaniards were gods because they were all white and seemed to be undefeatable, and also, they carried fearsome weapons that shot out fire from its lips. They might have found strange that their "gods" have suddenly came to them. They might also have found strange that after the "gods" arrived, there came a sickness so great that it wiped out hundreds of their people. They might have appealed that their "gods" came to them, and they actually got to see and touch the "gods".
           I believe that the Europeans thought that their "subjects" were inferior to them. They would have thought that the Aztecs were their’s to take and make as slaves. They might have also thought the Aztecs were hiding gold, and by thinking that, the thought gave them the "gold fever". They might have found strange that after they arrived, their soon-to-be slaves just died out. They might have appealed that they got served by their soon-to-be slaves, and they did that without a second thought. "Hey, what do you know! They are already domesticated!" Yeah, right.


  2.      As the Americans settled on the lands of the North America, they were invading the Native Americans’ homes. Britain was sending people to the Americas, telling them it’s just free lands for you. Well, actually the Native Americans were the owners. Native Americans let the british to live on their lands. They treated them as friends. However, as the new Americans were becoming many they started to invade the Native Americans’ lands and killing Native Americans and taking all their things. Native Americans tried to fight with them and save their ancestors’ land. But Americans moved to West and took over the control. The Native Americans were sent to place where the lands were barren. The way was so terrifying to them. Almost everyone died when they arrived. Native Americans calls this way the "Way of Tears." How much hate would they had back then.
         Here’s the part that I don’t like for the History. History is written by the strongs. In the eyes of Europeans, the found of the Americas is just a found. They didn’t cared about the Aztecs and Incas. They only cared about themselves. Now, there are no country called Aztec or Inca. For Europeans, it was just a found and for the people of Americas, it was a terrible Disaster.


  3. I think that American Indians felt half curious and half fearful because, they saw Europeans for first time.  They have different language with themselves and their skin color’s also different, also they had very developed civilization. They had very good weapon called ‘gun’ which shoot fire. Native Americans saw gun for first time so, they were very afraid. They thought these guys from Europe were god because they can easly kill people with only a stick and also, they were different a lot. But, later on, Native Americans realize that their actions were not ‘godly’. They killed people and they also enslaved them. Later on, Europeans try to take Native American’s land, so that they started to think that they are enemies not the gods. They killed them, they took their treasure, claming land, giving very bad deseases. Now, the reputations of Europeans to Native Americans is the unmerciful conquerors not the gods.


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