Sweet and Sour Cat Anyone?

This morning I read a crazy Newsweek article that talks about chompin’ on some feline friends right here in my very own backyard.  The pet market mentioned in this story is not too far away and is one I have strolled through.  Here are a couple paragraphs directly from the source.  You can read the rest of the report by clicking on the link at the bottom.  Bon appetit!

Here in China, animals do fall victim to bad pet food—and a lot worse. Such as pets as food, which animal lovers apparently discovered earlier this year in a market in Tianjin. Many cats sold in the Hebei District pet market are bought by entrepreneurs who ship them to the southern province of Guangdong, where the felines wind up as restaurant fare. (Guangdong residents are notorious for eating “anything with four legs, except for the kitchen table,” as a proverb goes. One popular dish of sautéed snake and cat is called “the dragon battling the tiger.”)

So when pet cats belonging to Tianjin residents started going missing with unusual frequency, owners became suspicious. Earlier this year the discovery of fresh cat entrails near the gate of the pet market seemed to confirm their fears. Convinced their kitties had become cuisine, up to 100 cat owners gathered at the market gate on Feb. 11, hoping to rescue any remaining live felines. Their entry was blocked by dozens of security guards. Then, some 80 police showed up to prevent a fight between vendors and pet owners. When she heard of the fracas, Beijing animal activist Lu Di hired a truck and arranged for the animals to be brought to the Chinese capital. “We rescued 415 cats who would have been killed,” says Lu, an octogenarian whose Little Pet Protection Association cares for abandoned and traumatized animals.



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