Independence in Africa

Picture yourself as orators for African nationalism.  Write a brief speech urging your listeners to seek independence from colonial rule.


7 thoughts on “Independence in Africa

  1.        As citizens of  Côte d’Ivoire we are under the harsh French’s rule. We citizens of Côte d’Ivoire demands freedom from the French. In our country, there were no differences between the white and the black from the start. It was the French who came and seperated us whites and blacks. We are boycotting against French goods, and the U.S. government has so good to sanction France. We should appreciate the U.S. for helping us.
           It is hard times, as we all know that from the harsh French’s rule. They have set us townships, and they are squeezing the every bit of money they can out of us. But there is hope, I tell you! With the most powerful country fighting for our cause and us boycotting against French goods, they cannot last long in them setting us free. We shall gain our freedom, if we all participate in boycotting! We shall win in the end!
           So, my brothers, fight for our cause! You and I shall live to the end to see our country gaining independence! We shall win!

  2. As an ordinary black male of Ghana, I really think we need to indipendent from England. We are the native of this country not English. They decriminate us by skin color. This country shouldn’t be like this. Skin color don’t express people’s value or anything. Whites are no better than blacks. We are created image of God and God didn’t said "Whites are greater than Blacks". We just born like this and Whites are also born like that. We do not born to black because we were so nasty beforelife. Why Whites, like English, make rule for us and saperate us from them? Think about that. There’s no reason to do that.
    I know British is very developed country. It’s rule also very developed. But, why only rule about us is not fair and ‘undeveoped’? Think about it dear brothers. They took a lot of sources that we had and what did they pay back? Only dissapointment and cruel descrimination.
    The world rule says all human beings shall treated equally. Fortunately the world knows how cruel English descriminate us. They know that English send us to horrible place that’s saperated from themselves. They try to help us in many ways. So, come on brothers, we fight and shall gain freedom!

  3. Stand up everyone, don’t worry. Our freedom will start now! Think, Why should we treated like this? Why do whites have to act like a king of this world? Are they doing like that just because of the skin color? That is a nonsense! We are all same people, same human! Why do we have to live in this dirty city while they are living in those big place. Discrimination is not right! If they think they are the best, why don’t they know the basic thing?
    Don’t bow to them! They are same human. Nothing is different. They separated from themselves, yes they are strong, but do you think we should live like this forever? We should show them we are not different from them! They must hear our opinion! 
    Let’s stand up and fight with them! Show them that they are wrong!! We should get the freedom; no we must!

  4. We Algerians are under british rule. They take our land and force us into little, crowded, townships. We can only send our children to poor schools while they take their children to fancy Universities. We are croweded while they have big apartments to live in. We were here first, and they take it away. Do you think this is fair treatment? Why do they think they are superior? Let me correct them: THEY ARE WRONG! They line their pockets with money with our resources. We should get equal treatment. All who follow me should sign this petition to free us from the detested British. We will have democracy!

  5.            Today… I stand here… in front of all of the citizens to say that we had enough of British rule! We, are NOT a white. We are NOT a British! Why should we be under British rule?? We, almost forgot our language, and don’t even have our own country name. Who are those White guys trying to control us?? As one of the Shona descendants I say that we should keep our language, our own people from those White guys!! Other lands… who were under British rule… they already became independent and formed their own country. Why can’t we be like Zambia, Botswana, and Mozambique?? And if they don’t want us to be independent let’s over take ’em!! This is our land not their’s.. We should keep our land that our ancentors gave us.. Do we have to see more pain on our land ’cause of somebody who is not our people??  People, let’s fight with ’em. And give our land to our descendants as our ancestors did. And most of all, let’s fight and win the british so that our decendants don’t have to get this pain that we are having and so they can live under their own people’s rule…

  6. Today I stand here to represent the people of Swaziland!!! We should have eternal freedom! Otherwise we will be in the British control forever! Lets fight for our freedom quickly! We should make weapons that are bigger and stronger!
    Even though our land is small we can still win! We have hope to win!!
    we cannot quit! This is our only chance!!
    We need this freedom!! Every body get together . we shall plan the attack!! Dont be afraid! We have a lot of people and we may beat them! We are to be equal no matter who we are. White or black.
    So let us have our freedom!

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