May Day Break

Megan came back from LA late Wednesday night after being there for a week for the wedding of a good friend.  The girls and I are extremely happy that mommy is back home, and it’s just in time for my one week break from school.

Saturday:  I had to report to work and attend a staff appreciation banquet in the evening so Saturday didn’t quite feel like vacation yet.

Sunday:  I taught a lesson to the middle schoolers on how to be a grace giver.  If you’re angry, exclusive and/or jealous, you’ll have problems.  Megan, Rose, Grace, and I attended a going away bash for a couple of our colleagues – yummy Western treats and fun entertainment.

Monday:  I rode my bike to an electronics market with a friend of mine, and we made some computer part purchases.  In case you didn’t know, printer ink is a rip-off.  For dinner, our families ate like champs at TGI Friday’s.

Tuesday:  We rode our bikes to the People’s Park where they had a bizarre display of a robotic Ultraman and the monsters he fights.  Rose was a little fearful of these mechanical pieces of foam, but the two white tigers and monkeys were a hit.  Rose and Grace also enjoyed the airplane amusement park ride.  Grace said wee about a dozen times while we were flying up in the air.

Wednesday Rose was not feeling well so we canceled a trip to Beijing.  I took Grace on a little bike ride, and we purchased some fruit and vegetables on the street.  I had a mutton stick craving earlier in the day so for supper I brought back home a bunch of these guys.

Thursday:  Grace continues to use large quantities of tissue paper due to a runny nose.  Megan isn’t feelin’ so hot now.  Despite the illnesses the family is fighting, we go to Home Depot and purchase some goodies for the apartment.  Megan and I consume a couple bags of microwave popcorn and watch North Country after the girls go down.

Friday:  We discovered a new Chinese restaurant that we will definitely return to – close, clean, very affordable, great eats, picture menus, high chairs, and fast and friendly service.  Grace was a little scared of the soft-shelled turtles swimming in the aquarium, but who can blame her?  They are ugly critters.

Saturday The Wickershams visit the Tianjin Science and Technology Museum.  It can’t compete with Chicago’s Science and Technology Museum, but for only four bucks, the four of us can have an enjoyable and educational afternoon.  We eat dinner at a local Muslim restaurant with a former student of Megan’s.

Sunday The girls and I take a monster nap for a good chunk of the afternoon.  It’s a day of rest, and we don’t do the ten-minute power nap thing.  Like yesterday, another student that Megan once taught has dinner with us.

My vacation was a nice break from work.  Since havin’ the girls, we realize there is much of Tianjin we have yet to explore.  I’m thankful for all the vacation time I receive, and I’m especially thankful that I can spend it with mi familia.

may day

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