A Difficult Land

Who are the aborigines?  What impact did European settlers have on the aboriginal way of life?  What challenges do aborigines continue to face today?  Remember to answer all three questions completely.


7 thoughts on “A Difficult Land

  1. 1) The aboriginies are the first people who lived in Australia. They were the native Australians. They were the original people in Australia.
    2) They destroyed there traditional way of life and didn’t let them go to places where they could go. They Europeans also fought the aberigines. The aberigines didnt have good string weapons.
    3) They are sometimes not treated equally for there skin color or how they wear clothes. 


  2. -Tina-
    Aboriginies: THe first people in Austrailia. The original people in austrailia. believed that they arrived in Austrailia between 40,000 and 100,000.
    The imapcts: Europeans didnt let the aboriginies to use the way how the aboriginies used to live. They also tried to wipe them out. They hurt the aboriginies.
    challenges: Aborigines are treated differently from the whites. (skin, appearance) People don’t usually care about them because they have lots of differences. ( government: they are trying to  the others)


  3. 1.The aboriginies were the first people to settle in Australia. They are the natives in Australia. They arrived here around 30,000 years ago. The word means "first" or "earliest known".
    2. The Europeans came and distroyed their culture. They did everything their old European way, and the aboriginies lost their old, original culture. The europeans started to fight the aboriginies, and they were defeated because their weapons could not match the Europeans.
    3.They no longer have their own culture. They are not treated like equal humans but infurior species.  People don’t usually notice them and they have a harder life.


  4. Okay, the aborigins are roughly Native Australians. They arrived roughly 30,000 years ago. They believe in spirits.
    When the Europeans came, they mistreate the aborigines, thus making them fight them until the aborigins almost perished. The Europeans also almost destroyed their old, false culture. That could have been a good thing, but the Europeans did not even preach the name of Jesus Christ to them.
    The Aborigines still face cultural misunderstandings, but the old fear of waging a war against the Europeans had faded away. Some of them even became Christians, but most of the remaining people still prefer the old way.


  5. Aborgines are the first people to live in Australia. Historians believe that they arrived between 40,000 abd 100,000 years ago from Indonesia to Asia.
    Europeans destroyed their own culture and  life like settling lands and making new laws.  European diseases and weapons wiped out the aborigines.
    Aborigines are not treated well. People like governments they do not care helping them, so they are having a hard time.


  6. ( Jae Iky ) >_<
    1) Aboriginies are the people who lived in Australia. They were here in Australia before the British. A brief definision for aboriginies is people who are usually black who lived in Australia long time ago. They were also treated like nothing to do British. They are like native americans.
    2) The British took over their land and changed their way of life to a different style they never had before. They also took all the good stuff to themselves and gave hardly anything to the aboriginies. They also treated them unequaly because of their looks. The british and the aboriginies also faught against each other, but the brithish had better weapons like guns when the aboriginies had spears. They were no match for them so the aboriginies fell.
    3) Aboriginies still have problems on treatment. They are not treated well because of how they look. They also get mistreated by their lifestyle also. They also have a hard time because hardly anything cares about them.


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