South Africa Divided

You want to convince a friend in South Africa to work to end apartheid.  Write a letter to your friend presenting your case.  Be sure to include the laws of apartheid, living under apartheid both as a black man and as a white man, and the economic and political effects of apartheid.


6 thoughts on “South Africa Divided

  1. Dear friend,
       Hey, I have a problem. I cant send my child to the same school as the whites and cant live in the same condition as the whites. I have some questions for you. Do you think apartheid is a right thing? You are a white person so you might like the whole apartheid thing. I dont think giving up land and living in townships is a good thing. Dont you think the black people should be treated equaly and have the same rights as you? As you know, in townships, it has poor condition. THere are no services that you get. Dont you want everyone, and every kid of different races going to the same school and living in a same conditioned houses? Please think about it. How would you feel if you were the blacks? you cant send your children to the same school as the whites and have to live in poor condition. Can you imagine? Please help. Please help us to end apartheid.
    from your friend,
    Tina LEe


  2. Dear James,
         I heard that you fight against your country’s unfair law, Apartheid. I heard that Apartheid is unfair law that descriminate Black and White. I also heard that apartheid do not give free to live in. I heard that Black people need to go to the place called township. Are Blacks not human? Do Whites are Black more superior than blacks? Of course not. In my case, I had really hard time to overcome the prejudice about Blacks and descriminations to black. Fortunately, us, Blacks came over White and gained our preveledges. Before freedom, we treated like some sort of animal. That kicked us, spit on us, punched if they liked, need to live at very poor village. But now, after we gained our freedom, they treat us equally. If you fight for your superior previledge, you shall earn it. 


  3. Okay, agent, let me tell you how to do this.
           As you must know, you as an undercover secret black agent hoping to end apartheid, you must get more information – from me! You must have seen how the blacks are treated there in South Africa. They need to be sent to townships, a segregated area for black people. You must persuade people starting from there. They live in poor places, so you need to brace yourself for the state of living they are in. It is vital that you must know this, because by learning this you learn how to know their feelings and understand their want of ending apartheid.
           If you didn’t know, some great white philosophers also think that they need to end apartheid, too. Let me give you where they live: 222 Parry Street, 243 Buker Street, 125 Pawer Lane. Also, some black political leader like Nelson Mandela are in hiding, waiting to strike until their voice is heard. You must tell them that this is the right time.
    From your leader,


  4. Dear my friend,
       My friend, I really have a serious problem to tell you.  Please end the apartheid; the rule that separates the Blacks and Whites! Do you know how we are living in this world? Under apartheid, we were forced to give up our lands to whites and live in townships! Crowded, dirty, poor; do you know how it feels to live in this place? We could not even go to the school like whites do. Here, school and services are in poor condition. In some case, it didn’t even exist.
       I always think that why do we have to live like this.We didn’t do anything! Having a black skin? Skin color doesn’t matter! Just because of that, why should we have to be separated from whites? Whites ruined our life…. PLEASE help!


  5. Dear friend,
    I am having a hard time living. This apartheid thingy is not very good. I cant do anything and my children cant go to school even. I dont like the whites but GOD said to love them so. Can you help me? The government wont get rid of the aparteid. Darn it. So, if you can help me contact me as quickly as you can


  6. Dear Friend,
    I am having a hard time living. I hope you can help me. Can you get rid of the apartheid? I know it is hard to but my childredn cant even go to school properly. And i cant even do this i want. Everywhere i go i dont have freedom and i am having a hard time living. I want freedom from black to white. I dont get why they treat us badly. We are both humans so why cant we be treated equaly? so sad. Well, i hope you can help me and reply as quickly as you can.
                         your friend,
                               Jae Ik


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