Cultures of Medieval Europe

Go to Write three interesting facts that you learned from this site. You may post your answers in response to this blog or submit your answers on paper. If you choose to post your answers, be sure not to repeat any facts that have already been posted. Additionally, indicate from what category (e.g. Vikings, Banks/Money, The Crusades, etc.) you found your facts, and share one opinion with each fact you turn in. This 27 point assignment is due March 12th (Thursday).


An Upcoming Exam

In less than two weeks, there will be an exam covering chapters 8-10. That means you will be tested on the following civilizations: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Arabia. This exam will be on Friday, February 20th – the day that mid-quarters are sent home. Like previous exams, the Chapter 8-10 exam will have fill in the blank, matching, and short answer questions. If you know the vocabulary terms in the first three sections (lessons) of each chapter, you will do well on the exam. Don’t you think that I am such a nice guy to tell you that?