Cultures of Medieval Europe

Go to Write three interesting facts that you learned from this site. You may post your answers in response to this blog or submit your answers on paper. If you choose to post your answers, be sure not to repeat any facts that have already been posted. Additionally, indicate from what category (e.g. Vikings, Banks/Money, The Crusades, etc.) you found your facts, and share one opinion with each fact you turn in. This 27 point assignment is due March 12th (Thursday).


23 thoughts on “Cultures of Medieval Europe

  1. Category:Life of the Nobility Kings, Lords, Ladies, Knights 1.At age seven, boys began to study to become knights, and Girls were taught by their mother how to manage the household and how to behave. I think it’s crazy! Children should study, not fighting or cooking. Maybe when they grow up, they can’t read or write. Category:The Manorial System Common People 2. Serfs could not leave the manor without permission,and if they did not work, they were punished. I think it’s sick. Why they couldn’t not leave the manor without permission? It’s almost slavery. It’s unfair!Category: Viking3. The woman of the house had to work hard which included combing her husband’s hair to get rid of nits. I think it’s awful. Husband can comb his hair himself, but why the woman should do it?

  2. The Black Death/Bubonic PlagueIn two years 25million people died. And in ten years 1/3 of Europe’s population.This is as freaky as SARS.Medieval CastlesThe moat was loaded with traps and spikes.I wouldn’t want to be the one to breach a castle. Also from what i know that is where all the trash and human waste goes, so it will be smelly and filled with traps.Coats of Arms, Shields, Heraldry A herald had to make sure that the family’s heraldry was properly used and understood.Being a herald would have been tiring and i sure don’t want to be one.

  3. 1)Category: Medieval Clothing& Costumes Most of the time, clothes were made at home, had no shape, and were very rough. Also. they had no choice to wear. OH, MY! How can they wear the rough clothes! If i were them i would’t stand it. Usually, I only wear soft and smooth clothes. And also, No CHOICE? Oh my they didn’t care about the clothes? I am.. I am very vvveerryy SHOCKED.2) Category: Mediaval Weapons & Tools Guns invented in the late 1400’s were a new generation in fighting. Cannons also evolved during the early 1500’s. Guns were not very accurate, but very expensive. Weapons were essential to the king’s land, and to peoples lives. Oh~ That was very interesting, because the gun was invented in the late of 1400s. I imagined and guessed that it will be more earlier than that. But i believe that the gun was expensive, because it kills people very fast in shoter time than killing peple with a sword. So it would be expensive. (I’d like the story. It’s very funny)3) Category: Olde English Language Anglo-Saxon uses only some of the same letters we use in our alphabet today. Still, there are many words in Old English that we do not use today. Oh~~ This one was the new thing to me. VERY VERY good thing. If we don’t use the words in Old English, i think we do not need to have. But I am also glad, that Anglo- Saxonuses only some of the same letters we use in our alphabet today.

  4. 1) Category: Medieval Music facts: credict was not given to the music composer of a piece they were playing because the church taught that God would be unhappy if composers took credit for their work. opinion: I disagree with their thought about how God will be unhappy about composers getting credit from their works, because I think if you’d worked hard, you can get the credit for it. 2) Category: Banks and Money facts: nobles used the money they made to buy luxury goods, and many of them ordered more luxury goods than they had cash to purchase. To get more cash, some nobles borrowed money from the new banks. Opinion: I think buying lots of luxury goods just because of their satisfaction and borrowing money from the bank just for their satisfaction weren’t really wiese choices. I think they were just wastin g their money. 3) Category: Guilds facts: the purpose of the guilds was to keep each member’s territory exclusive. Guilds also arranged social occastions and festivals for its members. opinion: members of the guilds were really reliable, because they helped, and protected each other out whenever other members need help or whenever they were in trouble.

  5. 1)Famous literatureSong of Roland was popular because the bad guys in the song is muslims.I disagree with this idea beacause although the muslims are going against God, I think you shouldn’t make fun of others religion.2)Stained glass window Glass window were made out of clored glass and had many beautiful colors, they had scn of life of Christ.I think its a great idea beacause everyone can understand and know the life of Christ and also have development in art.3)Trade Fairs and MarketplaceTrade had to pay taxes when renting the land during the trade fair.i think its ok because the land owners have to get income too , and also because they are not requiring the cost of the landbut the part of it.

  6. 1. Medieval Plays/DramaFact: There’s 3 kinds of play-Mystery, Miracle, and Morality. Mystery plays were about Bible stories. Miracle plays were about the miracles they performed. Morality plays were about virtues and vices such as fellowship, good deeds, and death.Opinion: I realized the people lived in Medieval Eroupe were very artistic, because they had different kinds of plays, and enjoyed them a lot.2. Rise of townsFact: Many towns in Western Europe grew rapidly. Many people moved to towns, so the things were not organized. For example, garbages were all around.Opinion: I think the governments of Medieval Europe had to make all place a good town, so people can stop coming to towns. I think rising town is good, but live in good environment is better.3. Jousts and TournamentsFact: Tournaments were public testing skills of knights. Joust was a combat between two knights. The goal was to make another knight fall from the horse. This was kind of hard to do.Opinion: I think people lived in Medieval Europe were really active, and liked this kind of things. Also, I want to see this performance. I think it will be very interesting.

  7. 1.knights and code of chivarly At age 7 a boy would sent to a lord and trianed as a page. They were learned basic manners, how to fight with simple weapons and serve his lord. At age 15 the page would become a squire and learn how to fight and rarley go with his lord to fight in the battle. Wthe squire had prove himself on the battle the squire would be knighted which is act of becoming a knight. This ceremony was usually done by his lord he served. One of the most important thing with knights were chivarly. Chivarly were rules that knights need to follow. It included that knights should be brave in battle and had to defend the churches. It also included that all battles should be done with melee weapons.I think it was very hard to be a knight because there were lots of manners knights should follow and it took lots of time to trainings.2. Holy Roman EmpireAt Christmas day 800AD Pope Leo crowned Charlemagne when he was parying. Pople leo acted as if he was thanking Charlemagne for the help, Charlemagne knew that if he bames the emperor of the HolyRomanEmpire he would lose power instead the churches would take charge of the Holy Roman Empire. Just as he expected, two days later when he left Rome the churhches took power. When Charlemagne became the emperor the Byztatine Empire had conflict with theHolyRoman Empire so Charlemagne cahnged his title to Frankish Emperor but it did not work and started a war between the two empires. I think that Charlemagne was wise to change his title though it did not work.3.fiefsFiefs were lands given by lords to the vassels. The vassesl had to promise loyaty to the lords. Fiefs were units containing at least one village, place to catch fish, castle, farmland. Sometimes fiefs were given for military reward. Usually when the father died the elder son owned it but couldn’t sell it.I think that fief wa a good way to control land because than the vassels could be more loyal to the king and it the king only had control it would be very hard to control when they had large amount of landmass.

  8. 1. Festival, food, & feast. The food of the Middle Ages was very different from the food of today. During the Middle Ages in North Europe, the mainly used cattle and sheep for food. In South Europe, they also had fruits, vegetables, and herbs for food. They used olive oil rather than butter.Sometimes castles kept honey bees. Honey was used to sweeten foods and drinks. Sometimes water was channeled straight to the kitchen. Larger castles had their own fishponds, orchards, and vineyards.Food was preserved in a number of ways. One way was that, meats and fishes were smoked or dried. Another way of preserving was that fruits and vegetables were pickled. Meat for the winter was salted in huge wooden vats. Sometimes meat and fruit were stored together in barrels. The warmest place in the kitchen was the blazing hearth. A hearth was a huge fireplace. Food was often disguised with spices to hide the taste of rotten meat! The kitchen was a very lively place. Opinion: I think their food is really good because I love fruits, and meat. I think the way they served food is eally good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2. Medieval clothing was very different than our every day clothing today. In the Middle Ages you had no choice of what to wear. If you were a child of a peasant you would have to wear whatever you could afford. If you were royal, you would wear silk robes and elaborate gowns. Clothing in the Middle Ages wasn’t that great, but for some people, like the rich and royal, they had finely sewn clothing that was very elaborate.Most of the time, clothes were made at home, had no shape, and were very rough. Tunics, trousers, and shawls were used to keep out coldness. Wool or fur were how shawls were made. Shawls were worn on the shoulders. In the Middle Ages, most rich peoples’ clothes were made by tailors. Some of the fabrics that were used were burnet, perse, lincoln scarlet, kersey, russet, chalones, damask, and sandal. Queens and kings would wear brightly colored silks. The clothes they wore were very expensive, and they were the ones who had enough money to afford such things. People that were holy, wore long cloaks with hoods. Around their cloak, they wore a rope belt with wooden beads prayers. Manor lords wore brown jackets. Everyday peasants wore simple linen shirts that were made by themselves, and hoses. (pants) Opinion: I think that they really care about their arrangements like beyween serfs and nobles. And I tjink theat is bad beecause it is very unfair. 3.Commoners- Peasants & Serfs. Serfs were bound to the manor. They were not slaves. These people could not be bought and sold. Serfs could buy their freedom, but where would they get the money? Serfs could not leave the manor without permission. If they did not work, they were punished. If the manor land was sold or reassigned to a new owner, the serfs stayed with the land. Serfs had many jobs on the manor including craftsmen, bakers, farmers, and tax collectors – serfs did all kinds of jobs. Their job was assigned. They had to do the job they were assigned to do. Also their hut is made of rough timbers, and the cracks are chinked with mud or straw. The roof is made from thatched straw or rushes. The floor is covered with straw, leaves, and rushes. We cannot afford glass for windows, so we use wooden shutters. ALso they lived with the animals. Opinion: I think still even the serfs are not really slaves but poor because their house is very dirty and they live with the animals.

  9. Medieval Clothing:- The rich people should wear gowns and silk robes.Opinion: Oh dear! I can just about imagine how I would take care of each step I take in the Midieval times, just because my robe or gown is nealty sewn and I couldn’t step on it!Stained Glass Windows:-It was not just a way of showing beauty, it helped the people who were not able to read from the Bible, since most pictures were religious scenes.Opinion: I would like to go see one of those, I think it looks magnificant in the picture already, so in real life it must be more than gorgeos.(but my neck will hurt because I keep on looking up.)Cathedrals:-Most workers working on the cathedral spent their whole life working on it, and they usually were paid with food and housing.Opinion: It took that long to build a cathedral!!! Wow imagine seeing this building that you think will never be done, I mean seeing it EVERYDAY! OH… That stinks. Having no hope at all. -Vivian Wang-

  10. 1) Cathedrals:Cathedrals are fancy churches and it is build to worship God. Onlymost talented craftsman were alowed to work on a cathedrals. other fellow peasants that work on farms are poor than who works on a Cathedral. Especially in France, there are lots of Cathedrals that were built. Wow!2) Medieval Castlesthese castles were usually built on top of hills, because the guards that are protecting the castle can easily see the attackers and protect it. around the castle is a moat and moat is a deep ditch that is filled with water and when the attackers come, the guards pull up the bridge and the attackers can’t go in. in the ditch, there are also traps and sharp spikes so the attackers can’t swim on the water.3) Banks/MoneyThe people did not buy things. they traded. But traders needed money too. the needed moneychangers who exchange one form of currency for another. the money changers aloso charged small amount per charge. During this, the money changers were rich.THE END ^!^ MR.WICK! IS THIS DUE NEXT THURSDAY???? I WAS JUST MAKING SURE………..BYE BYE….^0^


  12. 1) Medieval CastleCastles were usually built on top of a hill, if one was handy. That way, the lookout guards could more easily spot attackers approaching. And At first the castle was made by wood but it was easy to get burned or crash.Opinion: THey could have done better at the first place……2] VassalsBeing a vassal was taken quite seriously. Written agreements were rare, as very few vassals could read. But a ceremony, called a homage, was held and witnessed. Opinion" I think the vassals might had a hard time because it is hard to keep everything in control..3] Cathedrals.Cathedrals were fancy churches. It cost a fortune and several decades to build a cathedral. Cathedrals were splendid, with no expense spared. They were built to honor God. In France alone, between 1050 CE and 1350 CE, over 500 cathedrals and 1000 parish churches were built. Most cathedrals were built in the shape of a cross. Opinion I think it was also hard to keep in control of them toomany people have might came to this church ~_~

  13. DANA thank you ^_^this is do in March 12 !! My Birthday 13th Joo Ho Birthday16th Jae Yeon Birthday 18th Albert’s Birthday26th SAndy Birthdaty

  14. Weapons/ToolsFact: The blacksmith invented two handed sword and it can cut through mail and bone-I think the blacksmith is so smart to make thoseClothingsFact: For wealthy things, the clothes were made by tailors.-Were the tailors rich or skillful that time?The CrusadesFact: Around 1095 the Arabs conquered Jerusalem and closed the city ot Jewish and Chiristian, so the Pope called for the crusades and killed many people.-I don’t think they were doing the right things… They should try to persuade them to be Christian and make them go to heaven.

  15. the opinion for my answers….Cathedrals/ wow! I can’t believe that there is over 500 Cathedrals in France.Castles/ I didn’t knew that the kings during the medieval times were smart! *~*Banks/money/ I was surprised that the people in these times traded most of the things.$0$Dana lee’s opinion…

  16. Hello I am Dave- literature1. Beowulf: I was written down in 700C.E. however it was orally generated couple hundreds years ago. It is about one guy bravely and cleverly killed the horrible monster. 2. The Song of Roland: it is about Frank king Charlemagne with two advisor fighting with bad guys Muslims. One of Charlemagne advisor is Roland who is brave. It is 4000 lines.3. In the 1300’s, Dante wrote the Divine Comedy, and Chaucer wrote the Canterbury Tales.opinion: If the printing press invented earlier in the middle ages at Europe, may be the novel is everyday stuff.-Money/Bank1. money changers are the banker those days. Usually they were rich because lots of people come to market place.2. Barter was no longer an accepted form of payment. Merchants wanted money for their goods. The Nobles wanted to have luxury goods however mostly noble didn’t have money. Therefore they sells their crops and buy some luxury goods.. Some nobles borrow money and deposit their land however usually they do not give the money back. Opinion: if the banker has lots of money, may be nobles lose to them.-Mythical Beast1.dragons: imaginary beast, crocodile with wings, huge razor sharp claws, and it could breath fire2. Griffins: imaginary creature, It had an eagle head and huge eagle wings along with a lion’s body and sometimes with a serpent’s tail, and some time reffered as a gargoyle.3. Phoenix:imaginary bird, lived in Arabia. According to myths, every 500 years it will cloak itself in fire looking like a firebird, and from its flames it will create another phoenix. In Christian mythology the phoenix stood for immortality and resurrection.4.Grendel: son of cain, He looked lizard-like with talons and a very bad stench. He was a vicious and ugly imaginary beast. He was killed in battle against Beowulf.Opinion: It would be scary if these kind of beasts are everywhere in the world.

  17. Zmarionic1(as known online) here: Jousts and Tournaments: jousting was a game in which people knocked each other off their horses, I want to try it out with a heavy armor, it sounds funFood in the middle ages: 1.During the Middle Ages in North Europe, they mainly used cattle and sheep for food. In South Europe, they also had fruits, vegetables, and herbs for food. I think it’s interesting that I read how the food was put in a wooden place that was’nt too cold lolFood: 2.The poor people did’nt eat nice stuff like rich people did. The usual hunger prob we have today I would say, people ate in a worst condition that’s my opinion

  18. 1. The lords had nearly total authority over fief. opinion: I think it is not good because the lord can do anything what he wants to do.2. Steps of Knights. Page-Squire-Knights-Chivalry Opinion: This is bad because 7 years old kid should train harsh stuff.3. Medieval Weapons were swords and bows. Guns were invented in 1400s. They were expensive not very accurate. Opinion: The swords should be very good because they are only fighting with swords. If the sword broke he will die. Bang, Jae Yoon

  19. The Bayeux Tapestry1. The tapestry have 72 scene. William the Conqueror’s wife and his ladies worked on it for 10 years. When it is done the tapestry is 20 inches high and 250 feet long.Opinion: I think William’s wife and her ladies don’t give up easily because it did take them a long time to do it.Justinian2. His army took back southern Spain, all of Italy, and northern Africa, until only the Franks in the rest of Europe, and the Saxons in Britain remainedOpinion: I think that he really like to be in control.Life of Nobility Kings, Lords, Ladies, Knights3. Girls did not go school. They were taught by their mothers how to manage the household and how to behave.Opinion:I think it isn’t fair that girls can’t go to school Elizabeth

  20. Feiffeif was a land that can do whatever owner wanted to do normaly what first born getopinion: I think it is bad bacause high person can do whatever they want to do and that first born get itKing Johnking John was the one who is related to the Magna Cartaopinion: I think king john is bad person that is not trust worthy because he kill people to get somthing from themLadies ladies had no right and they were not able to choose their husband and their father choosed her husbandopinion: I think it is unfair and I don’t know why they are thinking like ladies are lower than manv

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