Spring Trip 2009: One More Day

I just got back from eating breakfast on the 30th floor of our hotel. The meal was delicious and the view was incredible. Only a handful of students were there when I arrived at 6:45 a.m., but we do not leave the hotel until 9 a.m. Throughout the week the students have expressed their excitement, and I think that will continue today when we see a variety of marine mammals. We will be leaving Dalian in the early evening before arriving in Tianjin in the early morning hours. Your children will be able to leave TIS around 7 a.m. Friday morning. I cannot guarantee that they will have much energy when they see you, but they certainly should have much to tell you at some point in the day. Some of your children had very deep and meaningful conversations so please sit down and have a heart-to-heart with them. See you soon.



Spring Trip 2009: Sunday to Wednesday in Liaoning Province

My apologies for not writing earlier in the trip, but the internet connection at the hotel in Shenyang did not allow us access to much of the World Wide Web. It is almost Thursday morning, and your children are safely in their rooms at the Bohai Pearl Hotel in Dalian. We have had an excellent spring trip that has consisted of a great deal of learning and fun. Tonight we ate a late dinner at Pizza Hut where I had a slice of the tuna pizza for the very first time. It is certainly not your typical topping, but I highly recommend it. We left Dandong mid-afternoon where the students were excited to get a glimpse of North Korea. They could clearly see that the Middle Kingdom and the Hermit Kingdom are two very different nations. Monday was a designated “service” day although we have had the opportunity to serve in a variety of capacities throughout the trip. Yesterday was a very full day consisting of visits to the Shenyang Imperial Palace and Shenyang Botanical Gardens. It is amazing how much energy your children have! Tomorrow we will be going to the Laohu Pole Aquarium on what should be another beautiful day. Your children will be arriving home in less than 1.5 days. Many of them will have lots of pictures to show and stories to tell. I hope to write more and post some pictures before the school year comes to an end. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach them.