How Are My Grades Calculated?

Grades: The nine weeks grade a student earns will consist of an attainment grade and a behaviors grade. The attainment grade is 75% of the final grade and includes assessment of specific subject related skills and content (80%), quality of English grammar used (10%), and quality of presentation (10%). Behaviors grades are 25% of the final grade and include elements of the following as relevant to the task:  participation, conduct, organization, working with others, completion of work and carrying out directions.

A variety of assignments will be given to assess the students. Some of the assignments include bookwork, creative writing, individual or group presentations, internet research, maps, projects, quizzes, tests, workbook pages, and worksheets.

On average, the available points are distributed as follows:
Class/Homework: 5-30 points; Quizzes: 30 points; Projects: 50 points; Tests: 100 points

Grades will be calculated by straight percentages; that is all earned points are added up and divided by all possible points available at the end of each quarter.



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