Facts & Opinions About Ancient Rome

Go to http://rome.mrdonn.org/index.html. Write three interesting facts that you learned from this site. You may post your answers in response to this blog or submit your answers on paper. If you choose to post your answers, be sure not to repeat any facts that have already been posted. Additionally, indicate what category (e.g. clothing & hairstyles, wedding customs, dinner, etc.) you found your facts, and share one opinion with each fact you turn in. This 27 point assignment is due January 20th (Wednesday).


8 thoughts on “Facts & Opinions About Ancient Rome

  1. Fact 1: Both parties had to be adults, and they could not marry more than one person at a time. Opinion 1: I think this is very close to the modern marriage rules. Fact 2: Rings were the only jewelry worn by Roman citizen men, and good manners dictated only one ring. Opinion 2: I think that isn’t really good because now even men have choices for any jewerly to wear and how many to wear. Fact 3: The toga was inconvenient, and people felt the cold when they wore it. Opinoin 3: i think it’s good that they don’t wear it tody because than alot of people will not like the toga.


  2. oscar chen:Gods & Goddesses :fact:There were many thousands of Roman gods. Opinion:gods lower case they believe in thounds of gods that must be really confusing. gods not true the God of the bible is true!Kids & School :fact:The school day began before sunrise, as did all work in Rome. Opinion that must be tired.Wedding Customs :fact: On this day, young people in ancient Rome chose future marriage partners by drawing names from a hat. Opinion: that’s really stupid marrying someone that you drawed from a hat. you most likely won’t like the person a lot.


  3. Kids& School-Rome as a Kingdom- :Fact1: only boys could go to school while girls stayed at home and learned how to spin, weave, and sew from their mother. Opinion1: It’s not fair…. girls should get a chance to go to school also!Roman Roads- Roman roads :Fact2:Roads were built in straight lines that lead to the City and back to Rome. Opinion: I think it would be easier to find where your going at Rome then at here since all roads led to the same place.Gods & Goddesses -There were many thousands of Roman gods-Fact3: They thought that the gods lived in trees, bushes etc. Opinion: i think that was really dumb. it’s like worshiping a plant!


  4. In early Roman times kids didn’t go to school. This is from the section called “Kids Went to School.” From the section called “Roman Houses” I learned that the lower class Romans (plebeians) lived in apartment houses, called flats. Finally, from the section “Daily Life in Rome” I learned that many religious festivals were entertainment paid for by the rich.


  5. Fact 1. Roman men were more beautiful so all Roman citizens would recognize that the men were of a higher status than other Romans. In my opinion, I think it’s very surprising because in now a days people think women have to be more beautiful tha men.Fact 2. For Romans trip to the bath was a very important part of ancient Roman daily life, but children could not go there. It was very interesting to me because I thought every Romans had to go there.Fact 3. The gods lived everywhere in Rome, for example like in trees, under a bush. I think they were worshipping some things.


  6. Fact1: Rome was founded as a result of two brothers who fought over wanting to be king of the city. Fact 2: The republic was ruled by the two consals along with the sentate who is second in command, then there was the tribunes who were the people who had the power to paticipate in making the descisions for the plebians and then the representitives that reprsented people who could not come to the meeting.Fact 3: The Romans built aquaducts to provide fresh water for theri people.


  7. Fact 1. The plebeians live in apartment houses call flats Opinion 1. their house is OK Fact 2. The patricians live in single family homes with fancy decorations Opinion 2. It is so pretty with decorations Fact 3. made out of bricks Opinion 3. it is quite strong but, not pretty


  8. Fact 1. The patricians lived with their whole family including great grandparents and grandparents. Opinion 1. then we’ll have to act quiet as possible. Fact 2. The rings were only wore by Roman citizen men but some didn’t follow the rules and wore them. Opinion 2. Awesome! girls were also allowed to wear rings!Fact 3. Only boys were allowed to go to school but if the girls had permission from their father, they wee able to. Opinion 3. Why!! girls should go to school also we don’t want to be foolish!


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