The End of the 2nd Quarter

There are only eight days of school left this quarter, and that means you can turn in the 100 Point Bbbbonus.  There are nine history assignments you need to put in order to earn 100/100.  You can earn the 100 Point Bbbbonus in both of my classes by turning in the 15 Book assignments as well.  Joseph, Minnie, Sangmin, Stefen, and Veronica have earned the Bbbbonus for the first time this year.  Will you be joining them?  A special congratulation goes out to Christina, Soo Yeon, Sophia and Tina for earning the Bbbbonus both nine weeks.  You go girls!


The 4th Quarter is Almost Here

The 3rd quarter is over this Wednesday the 22nd so that means you have one week to turn in the 100 point Bbbbonus. Report cards will come out on the 29th. Can you dig it?