A Difficult Land

Who are the aborigines?  What impact did European settlers have on the aboriginal way of life?  What challenges do aborigines continue to face today?  Remember to answer all three questions completely.


South Africa Divided

You want to convince a friend in South Africa to work to end apartheid.  Write a letter to your friend presenting your case.  Be sure to include the laws of apartheid, living under apartheid both as a black man and as a white man, and the economic and political effects of apartheid.


Writing About People

Write about somebody you read about in Unit 4:  World Regions in Transition. Discuss the person’s achievements and his or her importance in history. I encourage you to look up your chosen subject in the index, go back and reread everything about that person and his/her times in the text, and use any other knowledge gained to create a vivid profile showing how that person reflected his/her times and contributed to or changed them. Be sure to select a historical figure that your classmates have not chosen.