The End of the 3rd Quarter

There are two more weeks before the third quarter ends.  That means student-led conferences are coming up (April 5th – three days after report cards are passed out).  That also means that Miss Annable will be concluding her student teaching soon and returning to the Buckeye state.  It has been a big blessing having her instruct you guys.  Let’s finish strong, and show her how much we have appreciated her.


I’m Back

It’s 4:11AM, and I’ve been awake since around 11PM.  Jet lag is so much fun.  My time up has been productive though.  All of your quizzes have been looked over and recorded by yours truly.  We’ll discuss them in a few hours.  Some other exciting news is that later this week Miss Annable will begin teaching one of the history classes a few lessons.  She has already graded your letters and will pass back your Europe maps soon.  Starting next week Miss Annable will teach both of the world history classes full-time.  I look forward to watching her instruct you, and I think you’ll learn mucho.

jet lag

The Second Semester

I will be missing the first week of school in January due to the fact that I will be on another continent.  Not only will I be missing the first week of school, but you won’t find me in the classroom quite as much in the third quarter since Miss Annable will be taking over my history duties for several weeks.  Who’s that you ask?  Miss Annable is a senior at Cedarville University, and she will also be teaching Miss Sardeson’s 8th grade English class.  I look forward to her time here at TIS, and I think you will benefit a great deal from her instruction.

student teacher

Ancient America

This Moonday we will begin Chapter 11:  Ancient America (pages 284-307).  On Moonday we will learn about the geography of Mexico and the neighboring Central American countries.  Our next lesson will focus on the “people of the rubber country,” the Olmecs (1200-400 B.C.).  You will receive an assignment concerning these polytheistic people.  We will complete the chapter filling out a chart of the Maya civilization and watching a video about this complex civilization (A.D. 250-900).  Did you know that the Maya played a ball game called pokta-pok where the losers were sometimes killed as a sacrifice to Maya gods?  Oh yeah, it’s true, it’s true.


Ancient Arabia

Tomorrow we begin a new unit on Ancient Arabia.  This unit will include a number of fun cooperating learning activities such as Roundtable, Think-Pair-Share, and Telephone.  Telephone is a group activity that I introduced last year that was a favorite amongst the current seventh-grade crew.  I am confident that you’ll like learning about the geography of Arabia as we “telephone” the information to our teammates.  Another major topic of discussion will be on Islam.  We will compare and contrast this religion with other popular beliefs we have studied this year.  Next week we will conclude Chapter 10 with a focus on the achievements of the Muslim caliphate and a game of Weakest Link.  The last time we played Weakest Link we crowned new champs in both sixth grade classes – The Soccer Stars and Alien Links.  Next week will these teams be able to call themselves two-time champs?  Will Just and the Archaeologists regain the Weakest Link Championship?  Will we crown new champs?  Only time will tell.  Tally-ho!

Ancient Arabia

Ancient Rome

On Monday we will finish the Ancient Greece unit meaning that on Tuesday we will begin the Ancient Rome unit.  Your buddy Arizona Smith will once again pay our classroom a visit.  You’ll also give individual or group presentations on the geography of Ancient Rome, the rise and fall of the Roman Republic, or the beginnings of Christianity.  This time your presentations will be graded though.  Aren’t you excited?!  You will be graded in the following categories:  time, eye contact, voice, and content.  Details will be given in class.  Before your Thanksgiving break, we’ll play another game of Mr. Wick’s Jeopardy.  Will the ladies of 6th grade “white” and the men of 6th grade “blue” defend their championship?  Feel free to post your friendly comments.


Learning About Where We Live

This week we kick off the new quarter with a unit on Ancient China.  We’ll watch another video with our good friend Arizona Smith where we will be introduced to the cruel and ruthless ways of Qin Shihuangdi.  Dr. Overhead will also be coming out with a graphic organizer of a main idea diagram.  Before we can take a look at that transparency though, we’ll need to do some bookwork and play a game of Weakest Link.  Will the Archaeologists and Just be able to defend their championship?  The Sahara Penguins, the Black Hole, the  s, the Strongest Link, the Einsteins, the Alien Links, the Europeans, and Supernova will do all they can to stop them in their tracks.  Only time will tell who wins the second Weakest Link of the year.  May the force be with you.