For Your Viewing Pleasure

     Yesterday I did a very Japanese thing and put a Windows Media Player on this site.  Domo arigato Mr. Roboto.  Today I figured out how to put some video on it.  This video which was shot in the fall of 2003 doesn’t have any sound because the digital camera that was used didn’t have that capability.  Bum deal.  Despite the lack of audio, hopefully you still enjoy watchin’ me layin’ the smackethdowneth on my students.  In the future I will link some video on this site that will not only have sound, but our daughter Grace.  Now won’t that be cool?!?  Gonna be a daddy. 
     You might also notice in the Meet the Wickershams section that I put a new link to some wedding footage and pics.  Technology is amazing.

Building Websites

I haven’t been doin’ much to this site recently, but I have been slowly updating my Angelfire site since Mid-March.  On a guys’ night out a couple weeks ago when I ate sheep brains, pig ears, and other parts of animals that I probably shouldn’t be consuming, one of my buddies said he was on my first website.  This surprised me because it was once blocked in China – why I have no idea.  The last time I was on my Angelfire site was in Indiana last summer.  I will work on this site from time to time, but I don’t expect it to be "finished" for quite some time.  The Angelfire site requires HTML codes so it can be a time consuming and a little complex to make your site look the way you want it to.  I used to work on it a lot in Korea when I had a lot more free time.  A link is provided in the Meet the Wickershams section.