August 27-31 Cullen Events

Monday: Bleacher talk (We’ll discuss cheating.); bus evacuation drill @ lunchtime.

 6th Grade & New Student Coffee Talk @ 8:15 AM in the Commons; 7th grade girl’s Bible study with Mrs. Shaw begins.

: We will perform a NWEA browser check in 8th period.

: Peeler sales for the 8th grade DC trip begin.



End of the Spear

Now that we have Grace, we don’t turn on the tube a whole lot around here.  We’ve turned on the tv in Grace’s presence on a few occasions for short amounts of time only to find a once lively girl become a zombie.  I’m thinkin’ we’ll stick with stackable cups and big animal books.  She can wait to see what The Count says is the number of the day and how Barney gets funky on the dance floor.  Last night after Grace went to bed, Megan and I did get to watch a DVD I’ve been wanting to see some time – End of the Spear.  This movie is a true story (1956) about five young believers who are speared to death by the Waodani tribesman of the jungles of Ecuador.  Shortly after the deaths of these men, some of the family members of those men move into the Waodani tribe to teach them about our Father and the Truth of His Love and Forgiveness.


Yahoo! It’s a Celebration.

The TIS Carnival will take place on April 29th (Saturday) from 10:30AM to 2PM.  There will be cool things to purchase, neat arts and crafts to check out, lots of fun games to play, and a huge birthday cake to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.  Everyone who comes will receive lunch and a t-shirt free of charge.  This event is open to the public so come to the school if you want to be cool.

TIS 20th Anniversary Celebration 1986-2006

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

Last night I watched The Chronicles of Narnia, and I highly recommend it. No language or inappropriate scenes. It’s difficult these days to find movies that are appropriate to watch at school, but this is definitely one. I really enjoy the part at the end when an arrow is shot, and it turns into a flaming eagle. House three rocks.


I Look Like Who?!?

On Friday nights Megan and I usually attend an English corner.  An English corner is a place where non-native speakers of English practice their English with foreigners.  Last night a guy started a conversation with me by telling me that I look like Robert Patrick.  You might remember Mr. Patrick from his role as the T-1000/police officer in Terminator 2.  Interesting.  I’ve also been told that I look like Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump) and Brad Pitt.  Yes, blond hair and blue eyed Brad Pitt.  Uh, no!  Sometimes I get told I look like Andy Lau – a popular Chinese actor and musician.  What is hilarious is that none of these people look like each other, and what is up with always being compared to someone famous.  The actor that I’ve most be identified with is Keanu Reeves.  This was a very popular comment when the Matrix movies were released.  At least he has some mixed blood.  The blog is over.  Retreat to your exits.  Agents are coming.


A Summer Saturday

Today I don’t have any commitments.  How will I spend my day?  I will read from a few books on my reading list, finish watching a quirky DVD called Waiting for Guffman, take a nap, pump some iron at a nearby gym, prepare for a study I lead next week, and work on adoption forms as well as a lesson that I teach Monday.  Earlier this morning I patched up a hole on one of my polo shirts.  I’ve actually done some repair work on a few items of clothes this past week.  Megan is at work to give her students some extra help on some upcoming debates.