The In-Laws

Yesterday my in-laws went back to the small town of Frankfort, Indiana.  Fred and Carol came to visit us for over two weeks, and we had an absolutely swell time.  It was their third visit to the Middle Kingdom, but first to Tianjin.  It was also the first time Megan and I have been able to host her parents.  I really appreciate Megan’s parents, and I’m thankful that we have such a good relationship.  I can be a little weird at times (some say a lot), but they accept me as I am.  I even make them laugh at times.  I’ve heard of a lot of relationships where one does not care for their in-laws, but you won’t find that in the Wickersham household.  I like her parents, and Megan likes mine.  That’s super cool.  I have to give a shout-out to my Father on that one.