How Are My Grades Calculated?

Grades: The nine weeks grade a student earns will consist of an attainment grade and a behaviors grade. The attainment grade is 75% of the final grade and includes assessment of specific subject related skills and content (80%), quality of English grammar used (10%), and quality of presentation (10%). Behaviors grades are 25% of the final grade and include elements of the following as relevant to the task:  participation, conduct, organization, working with others, completion of work and carrying out directions.

A variety of assignments will be given to assess the students. Some of the assignments include bookwork, creative writing, individual or group presentations, internet research, maps, projects, quizzes, tests, workbook pages, and worksheets.

On average, the available points are distributed as follows:
Class/Homework: 5-30 points; Quizzes: 30 points; Projects: 50 points; Tests: 100 points

Grades will be calculated by straight percentages; that is all earned points are added up and divided by all possible points available at the end of each quarter.



Standout Students II

The Chapter 3-6 exams have all been graded, and I would like to recognize the top test takers.  In the “blue” class, Minnie ended up with the highest score.  In the “white” class, Joseph once again found himself with the top score.  Interestingly enough, both of these students are the #1 Eagles.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Who has recently shown some Fab Flava’?  We have Tina and Minnie representing the ladies.  As far as the guys are concerned, Jared and Joseph had some super sweet China maps.  Way to go my Jedi apprentices!

stand out

Standout Students

Do you know who Konrad Spindler is?  Does the Taj Mahal mean anything to you?  What about explaining at least three ways in which culture influences a country?  Talk to Joseph & Tom, and they’ll be sure to help you out.  These two guys finished as the Chapter 1-2 Top Test Takers.

Can we say organized?  The following students kept all of their assignments this quarter and earned the 100 Point Bbbbonus:  Christina, Jason, Sophia, Tina & Tom

Future Cartographers?  I don’t know, but the Ancient Mesopotamia maps recently turned in by Jason, Joseph & Tina definitely have Fab Flava’.  What separated their maps from the rest?  Their maps are completely colored and done so in a bright fashion, all the places are spelled correctly and labeled where they should be, and one does not have difficulty reading the map.


Important Dates in October

It’s hard to believe, but the first quarter is drawing to a close.  Only two school weeks are left until the second quarter begins on October 23rd.  I will begin accepting the 100 point Bbbbonus on October 16th.  If you have a test to retake, you will need to take the exam before International Day on October 20th.  Report cards will go out on October 27th, and parent conferences will be on October 30th.


The Big Day

Today after school I graded the last of the exams and exported your grades to the administration.  On Wednesday the 29th you will receive your report card unless you failed to turn in a signed report card from the previous quarter.