Fade it

Today I got the mop cut.  A couple months ago my Norelco hair trimmer busted (the second one to do so) so Megan has been unable to be my hair stylist.  I’ve been uninspired to venture out and have someone work on the hair.  It was time though.  It was the longest Megan has ever seen it.  This morning she called me a leprechaun ’cause the sides of my hair were flying out like wings.  That was cold.  The hair was attempting to become a mullet.  Business in the front.  Party in the back.  I went to a lady on the street who has cut my hair before, and I was able to communicate exactly what I wanted to be done.  She chopped lots off, and I’m likin’ the shorter do.  Getting your haircut on the street probably isn’t the most sanitary thing in the world, but you can’t beat a quarter.  Plus it’s fun to see all the barber supplies hangin’ on a tree.


Problems With My Teeth

Today I went to see a dentist ’cause I suffer from sleep bruxism.  What is that?  I grind and clench my teeth when I am not awake.  It’s also known as nocturnal tooth-grinding.  That sounds cool.  Hi, I’m Wick, and I’m a nocturnal tooth grinder.  It’s actually very uncool.  Bruxism causes an abnormal wear on my teeth, and sometimes it wakes Megan up.  What causes it?  There are a number of possibilities such as suppressed anger or frustration, an aggressive, competitive, or hyperactive personality type, and anxiety, stress or tension, but this does not describe me!  I have to have eight teeth filled and purchase a mouth guard that my teeth will probably chomp through.  That’s cool.  Maybe I won’t eat the mouthpiece ’cause it will be so uncomfortable that I won’t wear it.  I’ve tried a mouth guard before, and I couldn’t fall asleep with it in.  I don’t think we’re supposed to have foreign objects in our mouth when we sleep.  Maybe this $144 mouth guard will be better than the 99 cent one I bought at Play It Again Sports.  Fortunately going to the dentist is much cheaper in China than in the States, but it still burns a hole in my wallet.  Due to the condition of my teeth, I have cut back on a lot of Coke and sugar, but I will need to step it up more.  The dentist also mentioned that fruit juices contain a high level of acid that wrecks havoc on my pearly whites.  Oh well.  At least I can still drink my weasel coffee.


More Comments About My Appearance

Yesterday Megan and I went to Beijing again to do a little Christmas shopping.  A salesperson at Silk Alley was able to figure out that I’m Amerasian.  That is only the second time a Chinese person has been able to identify me as Amerasian, and both times have been at Silk Alley.  Since they see so many foreigners there they must have an eye for it.  The lady said I have Chinese eyes and an American nose.  That kind of makes me smile. I’ve been mistaken for lots of ethnicities around the world.  I’ve had Mexicans speak Spanish to me, British surprised to hear my American accent, and Koreans greet me with ahnnyonghaysayo.  About the only part of the world where people don’t think I’m from is Africa.  I guess I am kind of an international man of mystery.

Uh, this is me.

The Adventures When Riding Your Bike

Just about every day, I ride my mountain bike to work.  It’s about a ten-minute ride, and there are hundreds of other bikers taking their positions on the road.  My bike rides can be very interesting at times.  I accidentally knocked a lady off her electric bike last year when she decided to go up the hill in the wrong direction.  Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt.  One time I saw a guy by the railroad tracks taking a #2.  That was certainly interesting.  Speaking of poop, earlier in the year a bird took a dump on my sleeve.  That was lots of fun.  Scared me at first.  I thought a huge bug had just splattered on my arm.  Today I saw four dirty and nasty pigs consuming trash next to the canal.  Pretty cool.  Riding your bike in Tianjin can be full of adventure.

Going back home the stinky way.

Getting a Check-up

Tomorrow Megan and I have to get physicals for the adoption process.  Let’s hope I don’t have to get a shot in my butt like I did in Korea.  The lady told me to drop my pants and smacked my bootie a couple times before she pricked me.  I thought I was going to start giggling like a little boy.  Oh yeah – It’s true!  It’s true!