September 10-14 Cullen Events

Monday: Bleacher Talk (Ms. Kerney talked about the homeroom competitions and introduced the coveted golden kickball). NWEA makeup tests will be completed, and the science assessments will be given during science classes.

Wednesday: Peeler sales end. Please submit one check and any unsold peelers to Mrs. Redman by 3:45 PM.

Friday: Grandparents Day is during the 6th (10:50-11:38 AM) & 7th-grade (11:42-12:30 PM) lunches. Grandparents may bring a special lunch and hang out with the students during lunch and recess. Students can show their grandparents the Cullen Campus and introduce them to their friends. We hope to see a crowded campus!

Working Together in SS (Social Studies)


March 12-16 Cullen Events

Monday: Medals from the Cullen Winter Games will be passed out during the recesses. Check out some of the action from the Pool Noodle Hockey and Sock Slalom Relay!

Wednesday: Mr. Wick will talk about the justice of God during the 1st-period chapel. ECS families are invited.

FridayReport cards will go home. A report card rewards sheet can be downloaded at RenWeb.

*The Cullen Academic/Spring Sports Assembly (1st period) & Chapel (2nd period – God’s eternality & immutability) will be on April 10th.


The 1st Annual Cullen Winter Games

Next week is the last week of the quarter and the first annual Cullen Winter Games (we’ll still have academic support). We want to finish the quarter on a strong note so let’s work hard and play hard!

Shout-outs go to Mr. Kline and the Student Council for coming up with sweet Spirit Week themes and events. Points will be awarded to the homerooms with the highest percentage of students who dress up. Dozens of medals have been designed for those who reach the winners’ podium (check out the pic). Who will find gold around their neck?

Yours truly will be serving as emcee at this historic competition. Below are the events and the themes for each day. Be sure to sign up for the events with your homeroom teacher. Let the games begin!

Monday –       #Merica –                             Doubles Luge
Tuesday –       Scarves & Stripes –            Sock Slalom Relay
Wednesday – Hawaiian & Sunglasses –  Pool Noodle Hockey
Thursday –     Dress for Success –            Ice Dancing

Friday –          Jersey Day –                         Basketball Biathlon


Door Decorating Winners

The Cullen staff and students turned in their votes, and this year’s door decorating contest winners are Newmaster’s Turtles. The Turtles did an excellent job with this year’s theme, Winter Wonderland. Looking at the doors the homerooms decorated has brought joy and delight to so many. Some have even said the doors have given them a desire to see snow every day of the year. Mr. Wick definitely likes the newly decorated doors, but he thinks snow for 365 days is crazy talk. Congrats to Newmaster’s Turtles!

IMG_0081 copy 2

6th Grade Snowball Championships

Although Kline’s Kids were able to defeat the Kern Dogs in the girls’ championships and Newmaster’s Turtles defeated the Kern Dogs in the boys’ championships, it wasn’t enough to overcome the point total of the Kern Dogs.

Congratulations to the Kern Dogs for winning the silver snowball at the first annual Cullen Snowball Tournament!


7th Grade Snowball Championships

Youngblood’s Equalizers were able to defeat Smith’s Savage Smurfs in the boys’ championships, and Fo’ Shaw defeated Wingate’s Pink Unicorns in the girls’ championships. After all of the points were tallied, Fo’ Shaw came out on top.

Congratulations to Fo’ Shaw for winning the silver snowball at the first annual Cullen Snowball Tournament!


6th Grade Kickball Championship

The sixth-grade championship game lived up to its hype. Kline’s Kids came into the final game with a perfect record and did all they could to keep it that way. However, Newmaster’s Turtles were looking to get some revenge and take a bite out of the Kline’s Kids. The Turtles stayed true to the story of the tortoise and the hare as they came out with a slow start, and the Kline’s Kids quickly jumped out to a five to one lead. The Turtles refused to give up that easily as they slowly climbed back into contention. In the end, the Turtles ran out of time as the Kline’s Kids squeaked out another close game by the score of 6 to 4. Congratulations to the Kline’s Kids for winning the golden kickball at the first annual Cullen kickball competition!