An Upcoming Exam

In less than two weeks, there will be an exam covering chapters 8-10. That means you will be tested on the following civilizations: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Arabia. This exam will be on Friday, February 20th – the day that mid-quarters are sent home. Like previous exams, the Chapter 8-10 exam will have fill in the blank, matching, and short answer questions. If you know the vocabulary terms in the first three sections (lessons) of each chapter, you will do well on the exam. Don’t you think that I am such a nice guy to tell you that?



What is GRACE all about?  Am I talking about Ephesians 2:8,9 here?  Nope, although you will be tested on the verse and seven other verses on DECEMBER 15th.  Could this be another funny story about my daughter?  Denied.  GRACE stands for Greece, Rome, Arabia, and China.  What about the E?  That stands for Exam.  Aren’t you excited?  If you are part of the “White” class, Thursday is the big day – Chapter 7-10 test.  The “Blue” class will have the privilege of taking the exam on Flyday.  Be sure to exercise those forearms.  Baby, baby!


Lots of Writing

Next week there will be a test covering chapters 3-6.  This includes Early Cultures, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamia, and Ancient India.  6th Grade White will take the exam on Tuesday, and 6th Grade Blue will take it on Thursday.  Vocabulary terms and essays will be given tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  I love ya!  Tomorrow…

Ancient Indian Architecture Photos

Build Those Forearms

On Wednesday (April 26th) you will have an examination on chapters 16 through 18.  This covers European Expansion, Revolutions That Change the World, and A World at War.  Like previous exams, you will define ten of twenty terms, identify ten of twenty people, and answer one of three essays.  What a kind guy I am to give my students choices.


Have You Finished Grading My Test Yet?

Because I’m such a… nice guy, I stayed after school for more than one hour to grade your tests.  The vocabulary and people identification of the Unit 4 exams have all been graded.  If you answered either the Aztec or Swahili essay, your entire test has been graded.  Only the feudalism and Asia landmark essays need to be graded now.  When will I do this?  Not this weekend.  Oh yeah – it’s true, it’s true!  Sorry for those of you who answered those questions.  I will tackle them on Moonday.  Tally-ho!
March 20th update:  All the Asia landmark essays have been graded.  Nine tests to go.