Cullen Events in May 2019

Can it be true? Is it May already? We have only three weeks of school left until the summer break. That be cray cray!

May 1st-2nd: The students will take the ELA Performance Tasks and complete the ILEARN tests.

Thursday the 2nd: We have a special National Day of Prayer assembly during 8th period.

Wednesday the 8th: Mr. Bradley will take his 6th-grade engineering and technology students to Epworth so they can shoot some rockets. Mrs. Smith will take her Bible class to Binding Thread at Epworth United Methodist Church. Both noteworthy activities will take place in the morning.

Friday the 10th: The student leadership team will go to Crossroads in the morning and serve the little ones there.

Tuesday the 14th: This year’s spring band concert (5th-11th grade) is at 6:30 PM at One Life East.

Thursday the 16th: Parents of 5th graders are invited to the 6th Grade Parent Night. The informative talk begins at 6:30 PM and will include what the Cullen culture is like and how to make a successful transition into middle school. 

Wednesday the 15th/16th-17th: The 7th graders hop on a bus to St. Louis on Wednesday morning, and the 6th graders visit the Creation Museum on Thursday morning. Both classes return from their class trips super tired on Friday afternoon.

Tuesday the 21st: Students who meet their AR goals will enjoy some Kona Ice!

Wednesday the 22nd: It’s the last day of school! We’ll have a chapel service at 8:15 AM, an awards assembly at 10:30 AM, and a student team and club recognition at 2 PM. Woo!



Cullen Events in April 2019

There are less than two months left in the school year. Below are the major events taking place in April.

Monday the 1st and Tuesday the 2nd: Several Epworth students will come over during 1st (6th grade) & 2nd periods (7th grade) for the PEERS Project.

Tuesday the 2nd: There is a DC Fall Trip meeting from 6 to 7 PM @ Epworth for 7th graders & their parents/guardians. 

Thursday the 11th: Pastor Ben Russell will be teaching us how Jesus is the True Vine (John 15) at chapel during 1st period. We’ll have the Q3 Academic/Spring Sports Assembly during 2nd period. All are invited!

April 15th-17th (Passion Week): We’ll take the ILEARN Practice Tests.

April 22nd- May 1st: We’ll take the ILEARN Operational Tests.

Friday the 26th: It’s Volunteer Appreciation Day! Come enjoy some coffee and donuts from 7:30 to 8:30 AM in the commons.

Tuesday the 30th: There are 6th & 7th-grade class trip meetings for all parents at 6:30 PM @ Cullen.



Cullen Events in February 2019

Life has been busy! Check out below what is happening at Cullen this month.

Thursday the 7th: The 5th graders will come over in the morning to get a tour of the building, talk with 6th-grade student leaders, meet some super cool teachers, and have a Q&A with yours truly.

Tuesday the 12th: It’s Blue & Gold Day, our Open House, and the ACSI Day of Prayer.

Wednesday the 13th: Yearbook pictures will be taken for all Cullen clubs, non-athletic teams, vocal ensemble, and band.

Thursday the 14th: Mr. Van Dyke, a student minister here at First Southern Baptist Church, will be presenting this month’s chapel message. All ECS families are welcome to hear how Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life!  Butter Braids will be delivered in the afternoon and need to be picked up before your student goes home.

Monday the 18th (Presidents’ Day): We have school!

Tuesday the 26th: 6D will take a field trip to Epworth United Methodist Church in the morning to learn what the Binding Thread ministry does. All 6th graders will do an NWEA browser check in the afternoon. The 7th graders will have their browser check during the 1st period the next day.


Cullen Events in January 2019

There is much happening in January at Cullen! Check out the info below.

Thursday the 10th: We’ll head to the East Campus during 1st period to watch the geography bee.

Friday the 11th: Students will receive their report cards, NWEA winter scores, Butter Braid forms, and Azzip Give Back Night (Tuesday the 15th) flyers.

January 11th to 28th: The Butter Braid fundraiser will be happening so 5th-7th graders can raise $ for the 8th grade DC trip (October 14-17).

Tuesday the 15th: During the first period (8:10-9:02 AM), Pastor Godshall of Faith Bible Church will teach us how Jesus is the good shepherd (John 10:11). The academic/winter sports assembly will be during the second period (9:06-9:54 AM).

Wednesday the 16th: If your student has a sticker on their report card, you’re invited to the Cullen Honor Roll Breakfast at the FSBC cafeteria from 7:30 to 8 AM.

January 21st to 25th: It’s Spirit Week. Stay tuned for more details after the student leadership team meets this Friday morning (11th).

  • Monochromatic Monday (if we have school)
  • Topper Tuesday (Show off one of your hats.)
  • Wacky Wardrobe Wednesday (Wear some funky clothes, but follow the dress code.)
  • Team Sports Thursday (Let us know who is your favorite team or sport.)
  • Blue & Gold Friday (Eagle pride!)

Wednesday the 23rd: We’ll take the ILEARN Readiness Test (statewide test for AIR assessments).


September 10-14 Cullen Events

Monday: Bleacher Talk (Ms. Kerney talked about the homeroom competitions and introduced the coveted golden kickball). NWEA makeup tests will be completed, and the science assessments will be given during science classes.

Wednesday: Peeler sales end. Please submit one check and any unsold peelers to Mrs. Redman by 3:45 PM.

Friday: Grandparents Day is during the 6th (10:50-11:38 AM) & 7th-grade (11:42-12:30 PM) lunches. Grandparents may bring a special lunch and hang out with the students during lunch and recess. Students can show their grandparents the Cullen Campus and introduce them to their friends. We hope to see a crowded campus!

Working Together in SS (Social Studies)

September 4-7 Cullen Events

TuesdayBleacher talk (We’ll talk about the NWEA schedule, academic support, backpacks, and where not to stick your gum). In the morning we’ll complete the math section of the NWEA, and in the afternoon we’ll complete the language section. Academic support begins in the Collaboratory during recess this week (Tuesday to Thursday).

Wednesday: Chapel will be during the 1st period (8:10-9:02 AM). Pastor Teruel of Westwood Church will be teaching us about how Jesus is the Bread of Life. ECS families and friends are invited! In the afternoon we’ll complete the reading section of the NWEA. 6th-grade science will test during science class.

Thursday: It’s picture day. Be sure to shave your beards and do all you can to make your hair look as pretty as Mr. Wick’s hair!

Friday: Parent volunteers can provide teachers a break and help supervise students at lunch and recess (10:50-11:38 AM & 11:42-12:30 PM). Interested? Email Mr. Wick!

* Peeler sales end next Wednesday, September 12th. Grandparents Day is during the 6th & 7th-grade lunches on Friday the 14th.


August 27-31 Cullen Events

Monday: Bleacher talk (We’ll discuss cheating.); bus evacuation drill @ lunchtime.

 6th Grade & New Student Coffee Talk @ 8:15 AM in the Commons; 7th grade girl’s Bible study with Mrs. Shaw begins.

: We will perform a NWEA browser check in 8th period.

: Peeler sales for the 8th grade DC trip begin.