Uh, I Thought Spring Was Coming

How is it that yesterday I’m playing soccer in a t-shirt, and today it’s snowing?  What up wit’ dat?!?  Tomorrow I am supposed to play in a soccer match, but the cold is turning me off.  I’m quite the wimpola when it comes to cold.  Today Megan and I stayed in for much of the day and read.  In the evening we did venture out of the warm confines of our home to pump some iron and eat a late dinner at a local Sichuan dive.  I regretted not wearing long underwear.  Long underwear rules.  I’ll be sure to wear some on Sunday.


Why I Prefer Tianjin Winters Over Indiana Winters

Winter is my least favorite season.  I’m a summer guy.  I like it hot like the planet Mercury.  I’m a big weenie when it comes to cold.  Today we had a high of 34 F and a low of 19 F.  The low tomorrow is 17 F.  Tianjin winters aren’t pretty with white snow dotting the landscape like in Indiana.  When it snows here it doesn’t stay around for long and often turns gray due to all the pollution.  That’s ok with me though because at least I can still kick a ball around with my students.  My bike rides to work are also safer due to the lack of snow.  I can definitely be thankful for those things.