February 19-23 Cullen Events

We have a relatively quiet week planned at Cullen leading up to next week’s ISTEP exams. On Monday we’ll have a morning bleacher talk about our monthly school drills and lining up for the afterschool bus.

There will be a fire drill later this week. I’m thankful for our four fire wardens, and the leadership they’ve shown in helping ensure everyone is safe and sound during the fire drills. Keep in mind that we’ll be looking for new fire wardens after this school year since our current fire wardens will be eighth graders in three months. Tally-ho!



February 12-16 Cullen Events

MondayISTEP Make-Up Practice Tests

Thursday: Mrs. Beaver will be teaching about God’s love at our 1st-period chapel. All are invited! Butter Braids will be delivered at the end of the school day.


January 29-February 2 Cullen Events

Monday-Tuesday: The girls will be receiving CPR training from St. Vincent during 1st & 2nd periods. Butter Braid sales end Monday; money and forms are due in the office by 4 PM.

Thursday: We will have the academic/winter sports assembly (1st period) and chapel (2nd period God’s Sovereignty). All are invited! Cullen club pictures will take place after 11:15 AM.


January 22-26 Cullen Events

This week is a school-wide spirit week. We’re looking forward to taking pictures of the students in some fun outfits.

Monday: Future Day; the 5th-7th grade musical auditions take place from 3:45-5:30 PM in the gym and other nearby locations. Have a song ready to sing!

Tuesday: Tie Dye Day

Wednesday: Hat Day; the Cullen honor roll breakfast will be @ 7:30 AM in the FSBC cafeteria. The 7th graders will attend the Epworth Pep Rally in the morning. Today is the first day of the Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. rehearsals (every Monday and Wednesday until the big performances on March 22nd).

Thursday: Multiples Day

FridayBlue & Gold Day; show your Eagle pride! The cheerleaders are participating in the  East Campus Academic & Winter Sports Assembly in the afternoon.

*A date for the Academic Assembly (1st period) & Chapel (2nd period – God’s Sovereignty) has not been decided yet.


January 15-19 Cullen Events

We have lots happening next week…

Monday: No School. We’ll use Monday, February 19th, as the make-up day (as indicated on our 2017/18 school calendar).

Tuesday: Butter Braid forms, report cards, and NWEA results will be passed out by the teachers during the last period. 

Wednesday: Blue & Gold Day; show your Eagle pride! The Cullen honor roll breakfast has been postponed to Wednesday the 24th. It will still be @ 7:30 AM in the FSBC cafeteria.

Thursday: The Academic Assembly (1st period) & Chapel (2nd period – God’s Sovereignty) has been postponed; Mr. Wilhite will provide us a new date soon.



Tech For God’s Glory

Back in October of 2010, something happened to me that radically changed the way I do work – I was given an iPhone 4. All of the sudden I found that I was able to answer emails much quicker, easily record lessons, and access surveillance cameras from anywhere in the school building. I also found that my new device could easily be used to waste time and neglect my God-given responsibilities. It’s super easy to get zoned out on YouTube watching video compilations of babies laughing hysterically, animals scaring people or ’80s rockers attempting to dance.

Almost eight years ago I watched Dr. David Murray’s noteworthy DVD, In God’s Technology. Dr. Murray presents biblical methods to train children so they can use technology in a way that honors God. Four biblical principles are provided:

1. Technology is created by God.
2. Technology is not essentially sinful.
3. Technology has many good uses.
4. Technology has been perverted.

Three possible responses to technology are also provided:
1. An enthusiastic embrace
2. A strict separation
3. Disciplined discernment

Of course, the way to use technology is in a disciplined discerning manner. To help our students use their smartphones (and laptops) with disciplined discernment and be responsible digital citizens, students can use their devices in three areas at Cullen:

1.  Classroom (ask to use a smartphone) 2. Collaboratory 3. Commons

We’ll always encourage taking breaks from social media and having more social interactions; however, a strict separation from screens isn’t what we’re seeking. Let’s give God glory by playing fun Nintendo Wii games, listening to the latest tunes from Beautiful Eulogy, and taking the occasional silly picture.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

6th Grade Girls