New to the Crew

Today we added a new member to the Cullen morning announcement crew. After successfully reading a portion of tomorrow’s announcements, observing Mr. Wick’s sweet delivery of the announcements, and answering a few of Mr. Wick’s questions with flying colors, we welcome Gentry to the Cullen morning announcement crew. Noah is extremely happy that he won’t be going solo any longer on Mondays & Fridays. We think this will be a dynamic duo, and we are looking forward to hearing the Noah-Gentry Show at the start and end of every school week!



Say No to Frayed Edges & Holes

We’ve noticed some new jean styles, and we want to remind everyone that your clothes should be neatly hemmed and without holes at ECS. I purchased jeans from an H&M in China that I can’t wear at ECS. I own another pair of jeans that were cut for my boots that I can’t wear at ECS. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing something underneath your clothes with the frayed edges and/or holes. This still doesn’t follow the ECS dress code. Some clothes that work in certain environments may not be appropriate or best in other environments.

If you own jeans or pants with frayed edges and holes like the picture below, feel free to wear them at my house, but please don’t wear them at ECS. Thanks!


Your Morning Announcement Crew

I would like to introduce to you your Cullen morning announcement crew. This good-looking bunch delivers the morning announcements with enthusiasm every day at 8:10. Soon we’ll be adding a new member to the Monday & Friday team. If you’re wanting one of them to make an important announcement, email Mr. Wick. If you’re wanting a shout-out, mention something to one of these smiling faces. Woo!


Experience the WOW of Butter Braid Pastries!

Next Friday, January 12th, we will begin selling the one and only Butter Braid pastries and Wooden Spoon cookie dough! This is a simple way for students to raise money for the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. Over the course of just over two weeks, your student can sell as many Butter Braids as possible.

  • By Monday, January 29th, you will send back the order form and all money from your sales (Customers will write you a personal check or give you cash, and your student will provide ECS ONE CHECK for all sales).
  • Mark your calendar to pick up the items ON Thursday, February 15th, by 3:45 PM. There is no freezer space to store your items, and they will spoil if not picked up. There is no reimbursement at this point.

The school office will credit your student’s earnings to their D.C. trip account if they choose to go. Students earn $6.00 for each item sold. Just do it!


Coats & Backpacks

This is a little reminder that we have beautiful coat racks to hang your coats. See the lovely pic below.

Additionally, did you know we have lockers to put your backpacks? “Mr. Wick, I can’t get all of my stuff in my locker. The locker is the size of a Tupperware container so I that’s why I put my stuff on top of it.” This is not the correct response.

What should I do then? See Mrs. Redman. She has a really cool superpower that gives her the ability to provide some people an extra locker. It’s amazing.


Door Decorating Winners

The Cullen staff and students turned in their votes, and this year’s door decorating contest winners are Newmaster’s Turtles. The Turtles did an excellent job with this year’s theme, Winter Wonderland. Looking at the doors the homerooms decorated has brought joy and delight to so many. Some have even said the doors have given them a desire to see snow every day of the year. Mr. Wick definitely likes the newly decorated doors, but he thinks snow for 365 days is crazy talk. Congrats to Newmaster’s Turtles!

IMG_0081 copy 2